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Special Kind of Energy Healing





It is important to eat healthy, exercise and to get enough down time and peaceful rest. However it is just as important to take care of our energy bodies and to nourish our souls.

Getting to the core of our ailments and patterns is not only more direct healing but it saves time and energy.                                    

I have studied with a well known shaman and healer who teaches a kind of quantum method. It is called Quantum Sphere Healing (QSH).

It is a strong and satisfying kind of healing that can work on all levels.

This also covers  Past Lives, Birth issues, Childhood issues, Person to person karma, contracts, energy patterns, etc…..


I am also offering an Angelic Alchemy healing which is a strong all-inclusive, loving and very high vibration healing developed by an Angel leader in Europe….               


Along with my intuitive readings, I offer these healings to those that are willing to step out of the boundaries

.Please contact me at:

You can also call at – (970) 560-7858


Chakra Cleansing, Spirit Flight, Sound Healing, Shamanic Journey Healing and House Healings are also available.


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