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During these times it is even more important to be centered, aware, enlightened and healed on many levels.

My intuitive readings are not the norm for psychic or spiritual readings. I can access different dimensions and realms for multidimensional insight. The information is brought forth in detailed and straightforward and honest advice. This can be related via phone or Skype. Or- emailed or mailed.I can also load your notes on the readings to MP3 or recording on CD. You can reach me at: 970-560-7858 or at:  intuitivedimensions@gmail


Some of the kinds of readings available are:                                                                                                                                           


Animal Totem Readings                                                                                                                                                                              

Everyone has certain birds, insects, and animals that they are especially attuned to. These animals have certain attributes that resonate strongly within the individual that can reveal the path of mastery. We often see these animals or a symbol of them when we need to be reminded of their lessons.                                              

Rune Stone Readings                                                                    

Even though rune stones were originally used in ancient Northern Europe, they are still a powerful divinatory tool used today with different peoples and countries. Just like Astrology and the I-Ching, the rune stones follow the universal law of synchronicity in action. Even though they are esoteric based, they can provide strong, helpful information for our everyday lives.


Karma Readings          

These are especially geared towards our blocks and inconsistencies, family relationships and some astrology……


Multi-Dimensional Reading-(Very In-Depth Spirit Guided Advice from Higher Dimensions)

 We are holistic beings and we function best when we consider all aspects of our being and live life like it counts!!!!  The all inclusive reading involves accessing different and higher dimensions and using several modalities. 


Celtic and Core Shamanic Techniques

Journeys – Perform or help with conducting Journeys to meet your spirit guides and helpers to start to solve pressing emotional, psychological and spiritual issues. (To the Other World- Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds.

Tracking- Information to help with yourself or loved ones.

Death Rites- Assisting with a smoother transition of a loved one or friend.   (Call or email with more questions)   

House Readings/Healings                                                                                                                                                                                       

Besides Sacred Space Clearing with using the sage and Tibetan bells to clear away stagnant energy, I also perform full house healings. I can detect if there are any unwanted energies in the home whether from a previous owner, relative, or any other negative entities that might be from the environment, structure, or space around the individual.

Quantum Energy Healing                                                                                                                                                                  

This is healing on the etheric body and information is gained from a 5D level. Attachments can be cleared. Touches on Past Lives, Ancestors, Birth difficulties, childhood issues, person to person karma, relationships and cosmic connections and more.

Sound Healing, Chakra Cleansing, and Spirit Flight Assistance is also available.                                                 


You can order the readings and healings by calling, emailing or going to the: Feel Free to Order On This Page- by clicking on the Menu bar above or at the Footer area below.

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