Healing Dimensions, LLC/mountainspirithealing.org/intuitivedimensions.com is not responsible and cannot be held accountable for any possible adverse effects from any client’s or customer’s decisions and actions based on the suggestions that they obtain from any of the readings and modalities.

“All forms of energy healing, including the Quantum Sphere Healing, employ techniques that affect the human energy field. This field contains imprints, or distortions, that have their origins in traumas that come from past lives, genetic inherited patterns, birth trauma, early childhood attachments. These patterns are what are shifted during an energy healing session.”

“There is always a change for the positive as a result of this kind of healing, although physical issues do not always shift as fast as we would hope. Energy healing heals the patterns behind the disease or dysfunction. It does not always cure the physical issue directly. Other modalities should also be pursued if necessary including traditional and alternative medicine.”

The information from readings are meant to point in a certain direction but may not always be exact.



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Others were taken by Diana and friend.

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