What is True Healing?

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Healing is not just fixing a certain body part or relieving an organ of a tumor. True deep healing is pin pointing the reason behind an ailment and getting to the source. Questions can be asked – Why did this happen? Are there any emotional or relationship issues that are contributing to this? Are there other causes such as; a stressful life, an unhealthy diet, alcohol and drug abuse, too many over-the -counter meds., over-use of a body part, and too much work or competition. And, does it go even deeper??

Could it be that genetics, pre-birth, birth, childhood and family issues started the dysfunction? And, – going deeper….Could it be a carry over from a past life or from surrounding negative energies in this life.

Even if the condition is taken care of traditionally, the emotion, thought or energy associated with it can materialize in another way or at another time.

My Intuitive Readings and Energy Healing can reveal much and get to the “heart” of the matter. So, in effect, they can also save time and resources by getting to the original contributor of the problem. So, you can see how intuitive healing can help in several ways and for the future… And the clearer we are – the clearer those around us will be..

I am based near Dolores and Durango – in the “Four Corners” area in Southwest Colorado. I can do in-person or by phone readings/healings. I can also travel by request if multiple person readings/healings are needed. In addition, I do full House Healings and Space Clearings… Just call- 970-560-7858 or email: d@mountainspirithealing.org