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What? We have a sky?!***

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I am truly fortunate to be able to live in the Four Corners area of Southwestern Colorado where there are astounding views. Not only do I see a vast landscape from my deck and also the Four Directions (which aids in my Celtic Shamanism techniques and ceremonies), but I also can see many stars, galaxies, and our Milky Way.

With the good weather this past month, I took a drive with a friend of mine to the neighboring state of Utah – to the backcountry land near Canyonlands and Glen Canyon area. We were able to find two different spectacular secluded spots for camping – one near the lake and one on the rim of a vast canyon looking East with 360 degree views.

To connect more deeply with the land, rocks, trees and sky was exhilarating. I felt very grounded as I meditated with the rising sun, nature walked, drummed, and did sacred ceremony along with witnessing awesome sunsets. Nothing could prepare us though for the brilliance of the night sky during a new moon with no heavy town lights around for miles and miles. The Milky Way was vivid and other galaxies felt close along with what looked like a dust storm of stars on the horizon.

Not only did we feel strongly connected to the cosmos, but we were also truly entertained with the panorama before us and the quality of the deep desert sounds.

I greatly recommend where ever you are – to get in touch with nature that you have available around you. It will enrich your spirit to no end…

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